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        2019 FAIR PIG PROCEDURES      


(prices subject to change without notice)

 1.      Please go to Pig Office and register BEFORE going to the barn!

 2.      A Kidron Auction employee MUST assist in pig removal from pens. REMEMBER – Once a pig is removed, it becomes YOUR pig! 

3.      If you buy a whole pen of pigs, you will be charged what you bid in the ring (Ear Tags and Shots are extra). 

4.      If you select pig(s) from a pen, you will be charged per head according to the following prices (Ear Tags and Shots are extra): 

Pigs pulled from pens with an average weight of:

 49 pounds and under = $110.00 per head

50 pounds – 75 pounds = $120.00 per head

76 pounds – 90 pounds = $130.00 per head

91 pounds – 110 pounds = $140.00 per head

111 pounds – 120 pounds = $150.00 per head

121 pounds – 130 pounds = $160.00 per head

131 pounds – 140 pounds = $170.00 per head

 An ear tag charge of $.50 per head will be charged on ALL pigs.  If you want shots for fair pigs pulled from pens, the cost is $5.25 per pig, regardless of weight.  You either get ALL of the shots, or NONE.

 Once you have a Kidron Auction employee assist you, you may pay for your pigs in the pig office.  ALL PIGS MUST BE PAID FOR BEFORE THEY LEAVE THE AUCTION!!

 Please show your paid receipt to an auction worker BEFORE loading pigs.

 Please remember that there is a high demand for fair pigs. Please be courteous to all staff and buyers.

A handling fee of $10.00 per fair pig selected will be assessed to the seller.


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